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The Association for Women in Communications is a community of professional writers, editors, journalists and broadcasters providing educational programs, career development opportunities, and mentoring to colleagues and students.


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AWC Rochester Chapter

Top 10 Reasons to Join AWC-Rochester  

1. We’re friendly. Shame on us if someone doesn’t greet you in the first five minutes.

2. Where else in Rochester will you find experts in PR, consulting, employee communication, graphic design, Web development and more – all in one room?  

3. We want to see you do well in your career. Networking makes it happen for all of us.  

4. We alert you to job opportunities before everyone else finds out about them.  

5. We’re an interesting bunch – dog trainers, people trainers, authors, world travelers, vocalists, artists, community activists ... we’ve got ‘em all.  

6. We do welcome men.  

7. We like to give. Ask about our holiday service projects and speaker honoraria.

8. Our programs are relevant – and we welcome suggestions.  

9. The brownies at our monthly meetings are to die for!

10. We like to see new faces . When will we see yours? Make it our next meeting!

History of the Rochester Chapter

One of our founding members, Betty Adams, describes "The Way We Were".

Join Us!

Joining AWC could be the best 10 minutes you spend today. The benefits of networking, camaraderie, professional development and product discounts will pay for your membership many times over as your career takes off.

Professional Membership is available to those with two years' experience in the communications industry. Graduating student members also are eligible. A Professional Membership is $149 annually, with the Rochester Chapter receiving $20 of this fee and the National AWC receiving $129 of this fee. There is also an additional one-time activation fee of $50 collected by National AWC.

Entrepreneur Membership is open to freelancers or consultants working in a communications discipline who are self-employed and who have no employees. You must be actively in business, rather than simply contemplating working as a consultant, freelancer or sole proprietor and may not be otherwise gainfully employed. A web address or a business card must be submitted with your application. The annual fee is $134, with the Rochester Chapter receiving $20 and National AWC receiving $114. There is also a one-time activation fee of $50 collected by National AWC.

Download an AWC Membership Application. If you have questions, pleasecontact the Membership Committee at

Membership Lapsed?

There is no longer a discounted fee for reinstatement. If a member becomes inactive for more than 30 days after their membership expiration date, the member must apply as a new member. The member will receive a new member ID and join date, and must pay the normal one-time activation fee for new members. This fee cannot be waived.

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The glorious panorama of the Rochester skyline at the top of this page is the work of Hoss Firooznia. A future site update will include an "About this photograph" page with more information about the picture and a link to Firooznia's online gallery. He's given us permission to use his photograph on our website and in print publications. Please respect his copyright.

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